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Thank you for visiting J-Peg Copywriting! We are Peg McDonough and Janice Domke.

Your customers are trying to live their best lives, helped by your innovative solutions. You’re looking for straight forward copy that easily explains complex topics – copy that reflects your new perspective.

We help entrepreneurs like you share a passion for changing lives. You offer new solutions and want to build great client relationships by interacting with them, communicating with them, and keeping them happy.

For website copy that gets your clients to take the next step, you’ve come to the right place. What makes J-Peg the right fit?
Here are answers to some of the questions you might ask. We’re happy to respond to additional questions at our follow-up.

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 What People Say about
Peg McDonough and Janice Domke

“…thinks “outside the box” without fear”

What stands out when I think of Janice is her unique quality to imagine (and re-imagine) ideas and solutions. This ingenious attribute prevents a “one size fits all” approach in many facets of her life. Being confident goes hand in hand with her creative side and allows her to think “outside the box” without the fear that holds many of the rest of us back.

Betty Koehler

ARC of Olmsted County

“…ability to simplify…”

Creativity is something that sets Peg apart from others. The way she is able to “on the spot” think of ways to illustrate something or explain something in an innovative way. I can give her any topic, no matter how complex and she has the ability to simplify it and bring it to life for others.

Kelly Willey

Regional Centers Transformation, Fidelity Investments

“…fun and creativity…”

I love Peg’s “can-do attitude”. There was no assignment she could not handle. She embraces every assignment and approaches it with fun and creativity.

Debbie O’Donnell

Performance Consultant, Fidelity Investments

“…says “yes” when others would say “no”…”

Janice says ‘Yes’ when most would say ‘No’ – On numerous occasions I have seen her embrace challenges that most people would shy away from. Janice’s motivation seems to come from a sense of doing what’s right as opposed to a ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude. She is loyal to people and the projects she commits to; she does not waiver once she has committed.
Janice has confidence in herself and her abilities. She understands where her strengths are as well as recognizing her weaknesses.

Ken Kremers

Confluency Solutions

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