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About Peg

One of the biggest influences in Peg’s life is her identical twin sister. Having such a close relationship since birth(!) brings special perspectives and lessons.

One of the first lessons is that it’s tough to be “interchangeable” with your doppelgänger. Most twins work extra hard at establishing a unique personality, and Peg did just that.

In fact, although two individuals might seem identical, the experience with each one can be entirely different. For Peg and her sister, those differences were expressed through separate friends, activities, personal style choices, and even posture. And sometimes, an easy smile or a difference in temperament.

Of course, sometimes having a twin also extends your reach – more potential friends and a larger circle of influence. It’s a great benefit to meet strangers at the grocery store who think they know you and form a new friendship.

In the end, it’s an advantage to know the personality of your twin, whether it’s an actual twin or a business twin. That knowledge helps you differentiate yourself.

Peg applies that philosophy to copywriting – twins have their fun moments in life, but no business wants to seem identical to another!

About Janice

Growing up in the Upper Midwest family, friends, school, summer vacation and hard work were the norm. This area of the country is known for a strong work ethic and Janice Domke has that strength.

Although Janice grew up in a large family (she’s the 4th of 5 children), there was no extended family around so making friends was important. Never one of the “cool kids”, she learned to engage people in their space.

Your clients are like those childhood friends – someone Janice can reach in their space and engage with. And it turns out, she is great at making sense out of the complex. She can cut through the jargon and make ideas seem simple and buyable. This unique skill will be used to your advantage when we write copy for you!

J-Peg Copywriting

Building relationships, getting people to act and simplifying complex ideas, these are the skills we’ll use together to get people moving in the right direction.

That’s the promise of J-Peg Copywriting. Together, making client’s lives better. Creating copy that connects your solutions with the clients who need them.

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